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Input V: 18-1100vac Max A: 8.0a, resolution: 0.1a subdivision range: 400-51200 difference/single-end, pulse/direction or double-pulse impulse response frequency: 200KHZ on-power parameter automatic setting function precision current control makes motor heating greatly reduced.

1. Electrical index

A.Control signal interface

B.High voltage interface

2.Dial the code set

The sh-1108 driver adopts the eight-bit dial code switch to set the subdivision precision, dynamic current, static half current, as well as achieve the self-setting of motor parameters and internal adjustment parameters.

Detailed description is as follows:

1) working (dynamic) current setting

Dial 4, OFF= pulse plus direction mode, ON= double pulse input mode


2.Control signal mode setting

SH-1108 driver signal mode is set by three jumpers on the PCB board


3.Controller wiring diagram


4.Installation Dimension

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